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Alaska Travel Deal - Alaska TourSaver®

Alaska TourSaver® has Apps for the State of Alaska, Southeast/Inside Passage & SouthCentral/Interior Alaska--full of 2-for-1 Alaska travel coupons.

Alaska Travel Deals - Alaska TourSaver®

Alaska TourSaver's coupons cut the cost of Alaska tours in half. Every year TourSaver gets rave reviews about travelers' money-saving adventures and unique Alaska experiences. Below are a few comments:

"We used it as a tour guide."

"Best travel tip I have: Buy The Alaska TourSaver and--USE IT! We bought it when we first came to Alaska and saved bucko bucks. We not only used it to save money on attractions but as a tour guide. It lead us to day tours, campgrounds, museums, all sorts of neat places. Have relatives coming? Buy the TourSaver book and go out and play tourist with them. Have relatives coming to visit that you DON'T want to spend time with? Buy the TourSaver book and GIVE it to them, so they have LOTS of things to do every day." -- Coleen S.

 "We saved almost $1,500.00"

"THAT WAS A GOOD DECISION! The book was everything promised and then some. On my family's two-week vacation in Alaska we saved almost $1,500.00 on hotels and Alaska tours -- and we used as many discounts from the book as we could, but there just wasn't enough time to use more. The vendors treated us like any other customer--and welcomed the TourSaver. We will tell our friends about the TourSaver and share our good fortune. In short, you promised and you delivered." -- Best regards...Ken W.

"TourSaver...was fantastic."

"Got back from our trip to Alaska a week ago--and what a great time. The TourSaver book was fantastic. We did adventures that we would have not done without the TourSaver coupons or even known about--our flight seeing trip around Mt Denali and landing on a glacier was a fantastic experience. Kayking and mountain biking topped off two and one-half weeks of fun. All told we probably saved between $750 and $1000 on the tours and activities we discovered in the TourSaver." -- Posted by...Barbara B.

Alaska Statewide Edition

The 2017 Statewide edition of Alaska TourSaver® is loaded with travel offers across the State of Alaska. This year marks the 18th edition of the Alaska TourSaver®. Over 130 buy-one-get-one-free deals across the State of Alaska, it includes all of the 2017 TourSaver coupons. The TourSaver App is an electronic version of the print edition of the Alaska TourSaver. See the complete list of deals: Alaska TourSaver® Statewide Alaska Deals  Only $89.99 at iTunes Apps.

Inside Passage Edition

The Southeast/Inside Passage edition of the 2017 Alaska TourSaver® App has over 40 2-for-1 deals for tours, attractions and hotels from Ketchikan to Haines.  From kayaking trips to zip-lining adventures, whale watching, salmon bakes, gold panning, photo safaris, a Mt Roberts Tram Ride in Juneau, hotels and more, you'll save hundreds of dollars on Inside Passage adventures. See a complete list the deals in this app: Southeast Alaska Travel DealsOnly $49.99

SouthCentral/Interior Edition

The SouthCentral + Interior Alaska edition of Alaska TourSaver® App has more than 80 2-for-1 deals for tours, attractions and hotels from Anchorage, Kenai Peninsula and Denali Park to Fairbanks . With fishing trips, riverboat cruises, flightseeing, rafting, train rides and more, travelers save hundreds of dollars on SouthCentral + Interior Alaska adventures. See all the deals here: SouthCentral + Interior Alaska Travel DealsOnly $69.99.

The Alaska TourSaver App for smartphones works just just like the traditional Alaska TourSaver Coupon Book and includes a unique booking number, plus maps and GPS locations of TourSaver vendor attractions. 

After purchasing the Alaska TourSaver App from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, then downloading to your smartphone, simply use it like the physical coupon book. 

Instead of tearing out coupons from the print edition, the TourSaver app allows you to press a "Redeem Now" button when a tour vendor asks you for a coupon.

Your personal book number is located at the bottom of each coupon--embedded in the "Redeem Now" button.  Phone numbers, website and specific coupon info is available for each offer in the app.

Alaska Travel Deals - Alaska TourSaver®

Alaska Travel Deals - Alaska TourSaver®

Alaska is a big state with plenty to do. We've picked our favorite activities, based on our 50 years' combined Alaskan experience. We hope you'll enjoy our state as much as we do. It's our home--and we're happy to share it with you. And with the Alaska TourSaver, you'll be able to travel more and spend less!  Visit for more info about each offer in the book and the app.

Photos of Some of the Tours and Attractions in the 2016 Alaska TourSaver

  • Money Saver – Bought this coupon book for our driving trip through Alaska. We took advantage of many coupons on our trip, and they were always readily accepted by the tour companies. Why pay full price, when you can get “buy one, get one free?” I would recommend it to my friends.

    By Detmemaron March 27, 2014 -

  • You Must Have This When Traveling To Alaska! – Friends of ours put us onto this book in 2007, the first time we went to Alaska. It is full of coupons that offer two admissions for a single price for many things you will want to do and see in Alaska. The book is just under […]

    By Lee Ensminger on June 24, 2014 -

  • Exactly as Advertised – The “Alaska TourSaver” book was exactly as advertised. It gave us the discounts that were listed and there was absolutely no problem in using them. We saved at least twice what the book cost and we will definitely buy another book when visiting Alaska again.

    By Calhoonon July 27, 2014 -

  • Great Bargain – By scoring a two-for-one coupon for an excursion priced at $169 each, I’ve already covered the cost of this collection of discounted deals. I see at least two or three other offers that I may take advantage of. Since many tours and attractions in Alaska are quite pricey, I am pleased to find […]

    By Left Coaster on July 19, 2013 -

  • I would recommend buying the book in early January – This book will be saving us tons of money on various activities during our trip to Alaska next week. I would recommend buying the book in early January if you are planning a summer trip. I bought my book only recently, so the lodging coupons weren’t […]

    By Amazon Customer on July 2, 2014 -

  • I have recommended this book to all that travel to Alaska – To be honest this book is great on several levels. First, it is a great donation to the Special Olympics. Secondly, it will save you money if you are in Alaska for more than a short time. Granted we spent 3 months in Alaska […]

    By Debra A. Knapp on July 18, 2013 -

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